How We Began

Promo - Barry & Geoff Yoghurt

While holidaying at Wallaroo in 2004, Myponga dairy farmers, Barry and Merridie Clarke, Geoff and Louise Hutchinson and Chris and Karen Royans where discussing farming practices and the low price per litre they were receiving for supplying milk to their supplier.

With increasing farming cost and the declining farm gate price for milk it was a matter of taking a gamble or face an uncertain future like many other dairy farmers. The farmers knew the milk they were producing from the cow was not the same as the milk being onsold to consumers. There was a niche in the market for 'real milk, the way it used to taste' and they were determined to make this high quality milk available to consumers again.

The first bottle of milk came off the production line in June 2006 and the Fleurieu Milk Company was underway. Small local and privately owned supermarkets in the country towns being amongst the first stores to sell the milk with larger suburban Foodland / IGA’s soon following suit.

Since this date sales have been enhanced by introducing new products. Iced Coffee was introduced in April 2008, Pouring Cream in November 2008, Chocolate Milk in June 2009 and Strawberry Milk in March 2011.

In April 2010 Fleurieu Milk Company took another risk in purchasing a yoghurt processing and packaging plant. Fleurieu Yoghurt is creamier and thicker than any other yoghurt on the market and has again enhanced Fleurieu Milks' exceptional reputation for quality.