Fleurieu Milk
Love our milk but don’t love single-use plastic? Good news! Fleurieu Milk is now available on tap at a growing number of markets, cafes and supermarkets around South Australia.

We are winding back the clock, and bringing back milk in glass bottles! It’s great for our customers, and great for our environment.

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How does it work?
  1. Make a one-off purchase of an approved one-litre glass bottle at one of our supply points.
  2. Fill it up with the Fleurieu Milk you know and love, available on tap.
  3. Go home and enjoy your farm-fresh milk!
  4. Wash the bottle once empty.
  5. Bring it back into your local supplier, and repeat!
What are the benefits?
By purchasing Fleurieu Milk in your refillable glass bottle, you are being kinder to our environment, and helping reduce reliance on single-use plastic.

One 18-litre keg of milk eliminates nine two-litre plastic bottles. And, over the lifetime of one keg, Fleurieu Milk customers will eliminate the need for 7000 single use plastic bottles (around 300 kg worth)!

As well as the environmental benefits, many customers say milk tastes better from a glass bottle, but we’ll let you be the judge of that!

Sounds great! Where can I get it?
Refill LocationMilks Available
Fleurieu Milk Company - MypongaFull Cream, Low Fat
Adelaide Central MarketFull Cream, Low Fat, Lactose Free Full Cream
Willunga Market - Fleurieu Milk StallFull Cream, Low Fat, Lactose Free Full Cream
Adelaide Farmer’s Market - Fleurieu Milk StallFull Cream, Low Fat, Lactose Free Full Cream
Adelaide Fresh Fruiterers, Morphett ValeFull Cream, Low Fat, Lactose Free Full Cream
The Seller Door, BrightonFull Cream
Local Kitchen Co. - Unley Road, ParksideFull Cream
House of Health Collective, NorwoodFull Cream
Drakes Supermarket - Fulham GardensFull Cream, Low Fat
Coffee In Common - HindmarshFull Cream
Cirelli Coffee Roasters - Allenby GardensFull Cream
Hey Juj - McLaren ValeFull Cream
Romeo’s Foodland - StirlingFull Cream, Low Fat
Drakes Supermarket - Murray BridgeFull Cream, Lactose Free Full Cream
Willunga AmpolFull Cream, Low Fat
The General at SellicksFull Cream
Taste the Yorke - MoontaFull Cream
Spread Deli - UnleyFull Cream
Spread Deli - GlenelgFull Cream
Frankie and the Grocer - St AgnesFull Cream, Lactose Free Full Cream
Jetty Food Store - Port ElliotFull Cream, Low Fat
Home Grain Bakery - AldingaFull Cream
Nest Kiosk, Kingston ParkFull Cream
1947 Coffee Co.Full Cream
Home Grain Bakery, Aldinga BeachFull Cream
Drakes, Aldinga BeachFull Cream, Low Fat
Raw Bulk Wholefoods, Victor HarborFull Cream, Low Fat

Thank you to our cafe customers who have already made the switch to our keg system and are making a positive impact on our environment and helping to eliminate single-use plastics.
Check them out here….