The Fleurieu Milk

Our aim is to minimise the production process as much as possible. We want our products to be as close to natural as possible. All milk by law must be pasteurised for sale however in order to keep all the goodness in the milk we only pasteurise the milk to minimum legal temperature of 72°C.

This is the only process that takes place in our unhomogenised milk which means when you purchase this product you are consuming a product that is exactly how nature intended.

Cows milked
Cow is milked on farm
Milk transported
Transported less than 4km
Pasteurise milk to 72°C
Store Delivery
Delivered only hours after milking

Our logistic chain from cow to shelf is what significantly differentiates us from our competitors. Positioning our processing factory on farm, only 500 metres from the closest dairy and 4km from the furthest, allows us to ensure our products reach the consumer in the freshest possible condition.

Within only a few hours the cow is milked, the milk is transported to the factory, then it’s pasteurised, bottled and transported to store level. This allows you to be drinking milk only hours after it was obtained from the cow.


Our products can be found all throughout South Australia with more than 1000 stockists. We strive to make it as easy as possible for customers to find our delicious products working with local supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and of course cafés.

Whilst our key distribution partners help extend our reach to outer regions of greater Adelaide the metropolitan and surrounding areas are managed in house allowing us to streamline the process and provide a high level of customer service direct to your doorstep. We don’t consider our distribution team as delivery drivers; they are Customer Service Representatives and play a key element forming strong relationships with our valued clientele. We have no doubt you’ll enjoy working with our team.