Meet our

Our farmers are the heart and soul of Fleurieu Milk Company.
They are also the directors that oversee the company and try to keep everyone in line.


Barry & Merridie Clarke are co-directors of Fleurieu Milk and owners of Roslyn Vale dairy farm. Rosyln Vale is a family owned farm, first purchased by Merridie’s grandparents back in 1926. Baz has always been a full-time dairy farmer, who first started milking cows back in 1976 with his brother who now resides in Lucindale as a beef and sheep farmer. Baz and Merridie purchased Rosyln Vale in 1993 from Merridie’s parents.


Sam Martin is daughter to lifelong dairy farmers Craig and Gayle Martin. Together, they are owners of a 400-acre property – Bengowrie which is home to more than 220 Friesian cows, producing around 1.5 million litres per year. Sam is a 4th generation farmer having taken over the family tradition from Dad – Craig who still provides a helping hand on a daily basis.


Rob & Bec are sharefarmers, who have taken over the running of Windy Vale Holsteins. Rob and Bec were share-farming in Mount Gambier and knew Geoff through the stud dairy world. When their farm went on the market, the Dairy industry was in a tough place. After a chat with Geoff mentioning a job at Windy Vale before they knew it, they had moved and were living in Myponga.


Owners of Manna Springs, Steve is a 2nd generation dairy farmer whose family has lived in the Myponga area for more than 70 years. The farm was first purchased by Steve’s parents Michael and Anna in 1973. Inge and Steve meet in 1998 during Inge’s backpacking trip to South Australia. Inge left Australia that year and headed back for the Netherlands only to return not long afterwards having fallen in love with Steve.


Located just kilometres down the road from Fleurieu Milk, Misty Brae owners Gino and Mandy Pacitti start their day at 4.30am but always “aim to finish by 6pm, that way we get a bit of quality time to spend with family”.
After all, family is at the heart of Misty Brae’s history and present-day operations, with Gino’s parents first farming a small property after emigrating from Italy in the 1950s.


For Fleurieu Milk’s newest Jersey Milk supplier Robert, Mandy and Nick Brokenshire, owners of Roslyn Amdena Jerseys, the allure of life on the farm has always been intrinsically linked with family.
Counting the dairy as his closest neighbour growing up, Nick recalls “getting stuck in the mud, pushing up cows when mum and dad were milking… and just generally being amongst it on a day to day basis”. It’s a lifestyle he says doesn’t stray far from that of his own three children today.


Since Nick Mignanelli could walk, he’s been helping out on the family dairy farm at Hindmarsh Tiers. As tends to be the way with dairying families, it was very much all hands on deck for the Mignanellis, with Nick remembering being lovingly scolded by mum, Domenica.
“She said, ‘If you are going to stand there and do nothing you might as well put the bloody cups on!’”


Mike and Pam run the family dairy farm – Gum Dark – on Pages Flat Road, at Myponga, milking around 140 Friesians all year round in their herringbone-style dairy. Gum Dark is a sister farm to Verde Valley at Hindmarsh Tiers, managed by Mike’s nephew Nick. Both farms are owned by Mike’s parents – and Nick’s grandparents – Carmine and Lydia Mignanelli. Before Carmine and Lydia went out on their own, Carmine was in a partnership with his two brothers.