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Meet the Farmers: Gum Dark

Sometimes the stars align and the universe tells you you’re right where you’re supposed to be. That’s the way it is for dairy farmers Mike…
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Meet the Farmers: Verde Valley

Since Nick Mignanelli could walk, he’s been helping out on the family dairy farm at Hindmarsh Tiers. “I was always in the dairy from a…
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Meet the Farmers: Roslyn Amdena Jerseys

For Fleurieu Milk’s newest supplier Nick Brokenshire, the allure of life on the farm has always been intrinsically linked with family. “Obviously no day is…
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Meet the Farmers: Manna Farm

Like many farmers, for Ian Willcocks dairy farming is a family affair. Owner of Yankalilla’s Manna Farm alongside wife Nicki, Ian grew up on the…
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New Partnerships and A Big Thank You

The Australian dairy industry has experienced immense instability since the early 2000s, with overall production diminishing approximately 25% in the last ten years nationwide. Fleurieu…
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Myponga “One of the Best” for Dairy Farming

When it comes to Australia’s best dairy farming regions, Fleurieu Milk co-director Geoff Hutchinson admits he’s biased. “There are pockets throughout the country, but I think…
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Misty Brae

Meet the Farmers: Misty Brae

Misty Brae owners Gino and Mandy Pacitti start their day at 4.30am but always “aim to finish by 6pm, that way we get a bit…
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New Product Release: Reduced Fat Milk

After weeks of market research and gaining valuable feedback from our customers we identified the need for a product that still tasted like full cream…
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Introducing the man behind the brew: Josh Rivers

Josh Rivers opened the doors to his debut digs-turned-institution, CREAM in 2015. He counts becoming the regional latte art champion, being among Australia’s top six baristas,…
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