The Fleurieu Milk team brings together a wealth of experience and expertise within the dairy industry with a passion for making a difference.


Undoubtedly the most important part of production at Fleurieu Milk is the team behind the scenes doing the work. The team is led by our chief milk and yoghurt makers, Locky and Nick, who control their respective production areas. Under them is a team of 15 employees who all play their role in ensuring our production runs smoothly.


General Manager
(08) 8558 6020 

Nick grew up on a dairy farm in Myponga but decided farming wasn’t the best career path for his precious hands. Nick completed a Bachelor of Business and then a MBA at Flinders University before joining the team in 2013. He has a strong vision to see Fleurieu Milk continue to grow and discover new market opportunities.


Accounts & Finance
(08) 8558 6020 

Christine officially joined Fleurieu Milk in 2017 having previously managed the customer accounts for the FMC Distribution company for 4 years. She has over 30 years experience in Accounts and Finance as well as first-hand knowledge of the Dairy Industry having supported her husband with their own Dairy Farm in Myponga for 15 years. Christine grew up in Adelaide but moved to Myponga 31 years ago and may be considered a “local” finally.


Product Orders
0447 035 772 text only

If you’re an existing customer, then you might already know how important Lisa is to our team. She’s responsible for managing orders and planning driver runs each and every day, which is by no means an easy task! Lisa was always destined for FMC having grown up around dairy farming and is still involved helping run her families small beef cattle herd.


Quality Assurance Manager
(08) 8558 6020 

Tina joined our team in 2014 and has added the professionalism we needed. She works tirelessly to ensure our production standards from farm to shelf are at the level we require. Tina is responsible for enabling us to make our products available to the world. If you try and short cut Tina’s rules, don’t! She’ll hunt you down!!


Quality Assurance Officer
(08) 8558 6020 

Doug started with us in late 2010 helping Ken (his father) with deliveries during the busy Christmas period. His role evolved into filling in for drivers on leave and eventually, as we continued to grow, he was offered a full time role in 2012 as a Delivery Driver. Doug was a driver until 2017 and worked his way up to help maintain our Quality Assurance/Food Safety and Work Health Safety programs.


Store Liaison & Customer Service
(08) 8558 6020 

Helen works tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring all our customers continue to have the products they need on shelf.  Helen is also the lucky wife of Locky and deep down we know she pinches herself daily wanting to know how she got so lucky.


Accounts & Finance
(08) 8558 6020 

Linda is one of the most efficient accounts managers in Australia and we’re lucky to have her. Her role oversees purchasing, wages and flexing those debt collection muscles when necessary! Linda won’t admit it but she’s a wizard in the kitchen and has interesting hobby collecting teapots consider she doesn’t drink tea. If you need something done, call the office and ask for Linda!


Quality Assurance Officer
(08) 8558 6020 

Sarah had the perfect background to join our Quality Assurance team and that’s exactly what she did in early 2020. Sarah grew up on a family farm in Myponga, often helping her Dad milk the cows and obtaining early knowledge on the importance of herd health. After graduating school Sarah completed a Bachelor in Health Science as well as a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Health Practice (A mouthful like that could only lead to a Q.A role). In her downtime, Sarah would work at the FMC Central Market and weekend farmers market giving her a solid base of knowledge on our business and products.
Sarah is also a star netball player. She represented Australia in under 18’s and is also an A grade coach in her early 20’s.

Work Health Safety & Compliance Manager
(08) 8558 6020 

Adam joined our team in September 2020 at the point where we went above 65 employees for the first time. Whilst we’ve always done our best in the WH&S field, we were at the point where we needed specialised expertise in the area. Adam offers us exactly this. After 8 years in Senior Transport Training, he joins FMC excited to take our company to the next level. Adams commitment is to ensure all our staff return home safe and to protect the health and safety of the people around them. Outside of work Adam is a true family man, nothing is more important to him than his wife Lena and 2 daughters who he devotes all his spare time to.


Sales & Marketing Manager
0406 428 461

Since retiring from a decorated AFL career Clay spent 10 years in sales working for a variety of different businesses in South Australia. Clay then joined our team in 2015 in a sales position that he will make his own long term. If you’re interested in stocking Fleurieu Milk, Clay is the best person to contact.


Sales & Business Relations
0438 905 450

Kym joined our sales team towards the end of 2016 with a background in a variety of different sales roles. Kym’s upbeat and energetic personality is a perfect fit for the culture of Fleurieu Milk. Whilst his bow legs don’t allow him to play footy anymore, he’s still got more medals than the rest of our sales team.


Strategic Sales Manager
0478 663 681

Simon, better known as Flipper is another one of our football professionals, come FMC sales team member. After a 15 year career at the Sydney Swans, Port Power and 3 premierships at Norwood FC, Flipper joined us in February 2019 with a passion to see a local company succeed, or so he says… Deep down we know he planned to save $40 a day with free coffee to feed his caffeine addiction.


Key Account Manager
0409 919 150

Richard joined our team in 2018 as a Key Account Manager. Rich is a natural people person and has an extensive background in sales with over 20 years of experience; his role oversees major accounts such as OTR which consist of more than 150+ sites throughout SA. When he’s not out and about building relationships you’ll probably find him trackside with a beer hoping his next ’quaddie’ gets up.


Corporate Relations
(08) 8558 6020 

Tony has been a cattle transporter on the Fleurieu Peninsula for many years but has decided he’s a lot better suited being a part of the Fleurieu Milk team. Tony also owns a surf shop and does the odd day modelling. Oh, once upon a time he also played football, very well.


Business Development Manager
0439 800 712

Fresh out of school Dan completed a double degree in Business and Commerce. He then performed a variety of roles ranging from accounts to manual labour before finding the perfect fit at Fleurieu Milk Company looking after our hospitality customers around the area. Unfortunately for Dan, he’s almost guaranteed to become a coffee addict as he continues to call on all the outstanding cafes and restaurants we have in our State. Dan’s a quiet achiever with a no-fuss attitude that we’re very lucky to have on our team.


Sales Represtantive
0481 311 077

Sam joined our sales team in mid-May 2020. Before joining FMC Sam worked as a merchandiser for both Coca Cola and Cadbury. Sam attended Cardijn College and was a very respected member of the school, completing year 12 with an Atar in the high 90’s. Sam has represented South Australia in the U16’s and currently plays Senior Football for South Adelaide FC in the SANFL. If you can’t find Sam on the road or on the footy field you will find him studying the form guide for Saturday’s Nags. Sam prides himself on being a successful punter!


Milk Production

(08) 8558 6020

Locky has spent more time at Fleurieu Milk than anyone else, joining the company not long after we began. He is the man behind the scenes ensuring our products are of the highest quality and there is always enough supply to satisfy our customers. When he’s not at work (12 hours a week) Locky is enjoying time with his family and buying world class racehorses.


Yoghurt Production

(08) 8558 6020

Nick ‘Hassman’ Hassan is our yoghurt specialist. A local lad having played footy at Myponga for over 12 years, he was wrapped to get the opportunity to join our team in 2013 after spending nine years in the retail world.  Outside of work Hass loves keeping fit and spending time with friends and family. He’s also a bit of a coffee snob and loves hunting around for the best coffee in town!


Maintenance &
Operations Manager

(08) 8558 6020

Better known as the FMC ‘Golden Boy’ Dylsy is a jack of all trades, master of none. If something needs to be fixed Dylsy is our go to man. He’s a guru with his hands who puts in an epic amount of work behind the scenes to ensure our production line is continuously flowing. Father of two he enjoys nothing more than switching off and spending some quality time with his kids and wife Carly.


Milk Plant

(08) 8558 6020

Sean followed the trend of half our production team by starting out in distribution, before being poached as a Milk Plant Operator in early in 2020. Sean is the silent assassin of the team, all ears, and very little to say. There’s only one thing he loves more than working at FMC and that’s sleep. Pressing snooze on the midday alarm gives Sean so much joy until he scrambles like crazy to get to work before on ‘Sean time’, 5 minutes late. In all seriousness, he has quickly learned how to run our processing plant and now controls the second shift, the important shift where all the flavoured milks are made! We love having him on our team.


Distribution Manager
0414 401 716

Wayne joined the FMC team in 2017 as our Distribution Manager. His role is an integral part of our business ensuring all orders are received, sent to warehouse where they are picked and packed accordingly for delivery the following day. Wayne’s team consists of 15 and growing! When he’s not putting run sheets together, he’s spending time with his kids or helping out at the local footy club.


Senior Driver
(08) 8558 6020

Phil is our Senior Leading Driver responsible for the daily maintenance of our company vehicles. He also manages all runs when our other drivers are on leave. Prior to FMC Phil worked as a butcher in QLD. Phil enjoys playing bowls at Myponga and volunteering around the community. Best known for his one liners which include “Blind as a welders dog” and “Got cross threaded”.