Keeping it Green: Fleurieu Milk Company’s Commitment to Sustainability

These days, every gulp of milk comes with a side of eco-consciousness. The Fleurieu Milk Company gets it. They’re leading the dairy game with their incredible commitment to keeping things green.

While you’re sipping your morning lattes or grabbing a bowl of cereal using farm fresh milk, it’s easy to forget the journey that milk takes from farm to fridge. But behind every milk bottle lies a story of sustainability and care for the environment, and The Fleurieu Milk Company is rewriting that narrative.

They’re all about sustainability, and their standout move is the milk keg system. It’s not just a game-changer, it’s a sign of their commitment to giving their customers a sustainable and easy way to enjoy farm-fresh milk. By ditching plastic bottles for refillable glass ones, they’re not just cutting down on waste, they’re setting a whole new standard for eco-friendliness.

One 18-litre keg of milk eliminates nine two-litre plastic bottles. That’s a significant impact! Over the lifetime of a single keg, customers help save the planet from 7,000 single-use plastic bottles ending up in landfills —that’s about 300 kilograms of waste being saved.

General Manager, Nick Hutchinson, states “We’re saving over 6,000 two-litre plastic milk bottles from landfill every week. So far, we’ve kept more than 100,000 two-litre milk bottles out of the dump, and that number is rising fast.”

“Plus, we’re installing new milk on tap systems weekly. We are predicting we will easily hit the 100,000 mark in the first half of 2024.”

But it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about changing the game when it comes to packaging. With Fleurieu Milk’s milk keg system, you get fresh milk straight from the farm while doing your bit for the environment.

And it’s not just The Fleurieu Milk Company getting in on the action, local businesses like Nest Kiosk, The Local Canteen, and The Seller Door are all about it too. Tom and Ben Rodger, the brains behind these spots, are all about creating awesome experiences for the community.

“Since we opened The Seller Door seven years ago, we’ve always cared about our environmental impact and reducing our wastage was always a problem we wanted to solve. Partnering with The Fleurieu Milk Company just made sense,” said Tom.

Now, all three cafes are onboard, offering Fleurieu Milk bottle refills to their customers. It’s not just about making your coffee taste better, it’s about showing love for the planet too.

But the Fleurieu Milk Company eco-efforts goes beyond the milk keg system. They’ve got a closed-loop water conservation system that makes sure every drop gets reused for farming. And when it comes to energy, they’re all about solar power and a top-notch battery system to keep things running smoothly and sustainably.

Plus, they’re serious about cutting down on carbon emissions, teaming up with 2XE, the go-to experts for going net-zero. They’re tracking emissions and figuring out the best ways to shrink their carbon footprint.

Looking ahead, Fleurieu Milk Company isn’t slowing down. They’re thinking big, like boosting up their battery systems for more self-sufficiency in power and tapping into biogas from their factory and nearby farms. It’s all about making a lasting impact on the environment and keeping the planet happy.

And if you’re wondering where to get your hands on their Milk On Tap or want to join their refillable milk bottle program, they’ve got you covered. Check out their locations here and hit them up here to jump on board their sustainability train.